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The Pedmat
Require an Event Walkway? We have a version of the TrakMat® called a “Ped” Mat designed specifically fort hat purpose. One side of the mat has a closely spaced traction pattern for pedestrian traffic while retaining the customary TrakMat® pattern on the other. There are No Hand Cut-Outs on the “Ped” series that could create a trip hazard
SandMats are a great addition to our lineup. Sandmats are designed to get you UNSTUCK. These mats will work in sand, dirt, mud, ice and snow. It is all about TRACTION and MOMENTUM.




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Now available from RJ Trading Group Trakmats:

The Engineered “ground cover mat”.

About us

TrakMats, an Engineered “Ground Cover Mat” made from 100%

recycled high density polyethylene plastic. The source of our raw material manufactures a premium line of product. Material controls are such that no contaminants can get into the process, so you are assured the highest quality. And, chemical UV inhibitors are the best protection from harmful sun rays.

TrakMat are available in a light color material, keeps the the mat cool in summer and prevents heat build up and burnt grass. That's important when clients have expensive landscape issues. Mats are unaffected by heat or cold and are UV protected for extended life and utilization. TrakMat have many uses. Just let us know and we'll match your need to our mats

*You're a professional! Save Time!
*Get In, do the work, and get out clean
*You want to do a good job for your client
*A mat system tough enough to do the job.
*No ruts, damaged lawns or weather delays
*No more heavy, wet, slippery broken plywood
*Limited Lifetime Warranty for manufacturing defects
*Hand Cutouts for lifting
*Tough 1/2" thick polyethylene
*Made from 100% original material
*Available either Light Color or Utility Black
*Leading Cleat Design for superior surface traction
*Withstands the weight of heavy vehicles & machinery


TrakMat Sizes:

Model                  Size                                                                      Weight

TM4496       44.5” X 8’ (1.13x2.44m)          78 lbs (35kg)

TM3672       36" x 6' (0.90x1.83m)                 51 lbs (19kg)

TM3696       36"x8' (0.90x1.83m)                   64 lbs (29kg)

TM2296       22.2"x8' (0.56x2.44m)                39lbs (18kg)

TM2272       22.2"x6" (0.56x1.83m)                 29lbs (13kg)

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